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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have been hesitant about coming here to write, worried whether I could invest the time and mind.  But things keep building up, and it only gets more intimidating.  I have to thank Melissa Dunn and her Accordion File for helping me approach.  Hurricane Sandy has given me time, so I just need to come up with mind.  But first I have to air that I lost Timmy Saturday; it is coloring everything.  He was a big, gentle, funny boy.  There's more on my Glenwood blog.  I am trusting that having a cat blog - the cliche of it - doesn't compromise my seriousness in anyone's eyes (other than my own, evidently).

Timmy, 2000-2012
Not yet writing about Parts to the Whole seems like a disservice to myself; the response has been so positive it should be captured for the ages.  I have to assume I've not been ready; I have to confess I'm not sure I'm ready now.  Perhaps because the exhibit is still up?  I think the most I can do is share some installation views.  The heaviness of losing Timmy is preventing me from focusing here now.

At the entrance:
Left, sculpture, 4 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 1"
Right, drawing by Ben Butler
Installation view, with Ben's sculpture in the foreground
Installation view
Below are six close-ups, taken from left to right

Another room, with six works on a 48"-high table
Left, Untitled (Sendai Port, 3/11), 2012
Right, drawing by Ben