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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why the Distinction?

Photos and artwork are separate efforts for me. Taking photos is like journaling or sketching - "notes" that share a frequency and aesthetic with my artwork. They're scenes from my day-to-day that I usually capture with my cell phone. The images are unedited. I'm after certain formal qualities and emotional resonances, and the impact is either in the image or isn't.

Keeping my words separate is also important. The Web site-blog-flickr divide, new as it is to me, feels like a valuable discipline. It's important for me to know the material I'm using, and not turn to another as a shortcut or way out. I'd like the words and the images to extend each other, not explain each other.

I'll add how strange it is to be communicating with no one/everyone to come closer to myself. Why is this blog more compelling than a private diary?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Begin Again

I'm working on how to incorporate the computer and Internet into my studio practice, no easy feat given the below-low-tech work I make.  Making a Web site only to present the work doesn't much interest me.  I want some of the work to find its form on the Internet, so that even if a drawing, sculpture, or installation persists physically, it's not the "original" of what's on the Web.  They'd be separate but related expressions:  the same but different, a theme in much of what I do. I want other work to exist only on the Web.

Since I'm not technical and not interested in becoming technical, it's taking time to figure out how to approach this.  It's taken time just to figure out how to articulate it (if I have).  But that too is thematic for me:  the figuring-out is the work, so I've already begun.