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Saturday, April 24, 2010

As Promised: Accessibility

Had I revisited this question closer to my March 20 post, it would've been forced.  In the interim, I've realized that the question is moot:  my work is my work, and it's going to be this accessible no matter whether it's in a gallery or on the Web or anywhere else.  The point is to get the work out there and establish myself (not least in my own mind) as an active artist in the broadest sense - not just in the studio, but in the world of art and commerce.

So if the question is not accessibility, what is it?  It's relevance.  In a way it's the same answer - my work is my work, and those who experience it will decide whether it's relevant or not - but my urge for it to be relevant is another matter.  My doubt runs, How can a little scrap of wire or cloth or an uncurling ball of Cling Wrap be relevant?

This morning I wrote a new statement.  I started fresh rather than recycle earlier statements and wrote directly, as a person in the world rather than as an artist trying to ... whatever.  The words came easily (considering the torment this task usually involves), and they actually explain why my sculpture and video are important to me in plain terms.  By just saying it, I'm laying a path for a broader audience to find the work relevant (or not).

And I now see that this is accessibility - to offer information that demystifies my work rather than withhold it or write for an insider audience (probably the same thing).  I've resisted this.  Why?  It reminds me of graduate school, when I was so unwilling to reveal myself.  Why?  Because of the exposure, and the risk of that - of being judged, of being labeled, of being dismissed.  Evidently, I'm ready.  The new statement will launch with the new Web site.  My progress on it has been good.  To receive an announcement of the relaunch, please join my mailing list.